What i will be doing in the futer

hey guys welcome back to my blog i will be updating this blog every Sunday or after big events and things like that.

Thanks again

Ahomeedkid BD



Yesterday i went to the skate park to try out my skills. i can jump over an up right bottle but not the grinding bar any one got any tips?

bit short today but that is fine

Thanks again

ahomeedkid BD

life update

Hello welcome back to my blog i will now tell you about what has happened over the last few weeks.

The music i m into right now is DUB-STEP an i find it real cool and energizing. Does anyone know some really good pieces?

i think Jacksepticeye is a really funny and the dub-step people have made him are really cool and weird.

so how are things going for you guys out there? good i presume.

Later in the year i will have my own company. (this will be fun!)

thanks again

ahomeedkid BD


i have been away  to asparafest and we had a great time

On Friday we left for the festival and when we got there we put up our tent and stayed up really late and had a fire.

On Saturday we went in to the festival and i went strait to the cookery stage to watch my favorite cook (no name is going to be given)

On Sunday i went back to the stage and saw him again. then we packed up to go home but first i bourt  some donuts and me and my sister ate them all

when we got home i felt so happy to be home.

sorry i haven’t been up to date i kept forgetting about my blog.

so today i haven’t really done  much but i will talk ti you about what will be doing during the holidays

On Friday i will be going to a food festival called asparafest and it is all about asparagus! ( you probably the from the title of the festival) I really going to like it!

so that is pretty much is it

Thanks again  ahomeedkid B-D

Hello world!

Hello i am the home ed kid and this is my website. First off i will pay no attention to trolls. i will try to respond to your questions and queries. just to let you know i will not use ones real name so i will call my self Bob. please like me and follow me on twitter and subscribe for YouTube

@thehekid  twitter

i am home schooled because of bullies and being beat up ect.  i am also home schooled because main stream is not good for me so myparents tookme out of proper school and home educated me.

i set this up so i can tell the world about my life.

this will start tomorrow for the start of my proper blog.